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The Old Capital Podcast is aimed at Real Estate Investors - both new and experienced.
Hosts Michael Becker and Paul Peebles deliver no-hype education and expert perspectives.
You will gain valuable insights from interviews with actual real life investors who are active in acquiring and operating apartment complexes. You will discover how they are identifying, financing and operating apartment complexes, as well as helpful advice on how to get started and avoid common mistakes.

Aug 31, 2017

Many apartment buyers are seeking to purchase a DEEP VALUE-ADDED property in a good neighborhood. These types of properties can be tough to find. Brian Holley bought a 160 unit apartment complex a few months ago. It needed lots of rehab to create a better product. He and his team will spend over $20,000 a unit in...

Aug 27, 2017

After finding the right property; selecting the right property management company is the MOST important decision that an ownership group must determine.

Aug 25, 2017

The father and son investing team of Jody Ambrose & J.D. Ambrose just purchased a large multifamily property in Texas. After looking for a building for almost 5 years, Jody & J.D. found the right property. Pineview Apartments has 152 units. They originally invested passively into someone else’s transaction, then...

Aug 21, 2017

It is a REQUIREMENT to do a thorough analysis of the neighbourhood crime stats and school ratings when you are thinking about investing in an apartment building.

Aug 13, 2017

If available, retaining some or all of the existing staff can give you immediate inside knowledge on some of the property secrets that you did not uncover during due diligence.