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The Old Capital Podcast is aimed at Real Estate Investors - both new and experienced.
Hosts Michael Becker and Paul Peebles deliver no-hype education and expert perspectives.
You will gain valuable insights from interviews with actual real life investors who are active in acquiring and operating apartment complexes. You will discover how they are identifying, financing and operating apartment complexes, as well as helpful advice on how to get started and avoid common mistakes.

Apr 30, 2017

Michael uses his DUE DILIGENCE checklist to help him request documents from the seller. Everything is written out and are standard items for the seller to deliver. Make sure that you get a copy of this ‘wish-list’ at the website.

Apr 27, 2017

Kenny purchased his first out-of-state property in 2014. Kenny initially started buying apartments in Texas and then he bought in Colorado, Oklahoma and Ohio. Kenny’s philosophy is have “real estate and will travel.” He likes to buy in landlord friendly states that contain diverse economic drivers for growth,...

Apr 23, 2017

Michael explains the upside and the downsides of either partnering with a laundry vendor or owning your own machines. Michael also talks about increasing your NOI with other non-rental income line items.

Apr 20, 2017

The Old Dawg chats with The Big Dog (Michael Becker) 

Bill Manassero with the Old Dawg REI Network Podcast explores why Michael Becker has a track record unlike few others.  In less than 4 years, Mike has acquired over 4,000 units.  That's right!  4,000 units in less than 4 years!  In this very special podcast, Mike...

Apr 18, 2017

What kills a transaction right off the bat? Michael only buys in ‘specific’ areas and will not compromise on the asset location or quality. Even though it might be tempting…don’t buy in the ‘hood. Michael’s investing advice is that you must define the submarket that you want to make a position in. Michael...