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The Old Capital Podcast is aimed at Real Estate Investors - both new and experienced.
Hosts Michael Becker and Paul Peebles deliver no-hype education and expert perspectives.
You will gain valuable insights from interviews with actual real life investors who are active in acquiring and operating apartment complexes. You will discover how they are identifying, financing and operating apartment complexes, as well as helpful advice on how to get started and avoid common mistakes.

Nov 7, 2019

Not everyone wants to be the captain of the airplane. Most folks want to be in the back of the airplane enjoying the flight. A passive investor wants to enjoy their equity investment. Today, in the podcast, we chat with Hunter Thompson with Asym Capital. His group ONLY invests into real estate transaction as a passive investor. What could you learn from a passive investor? Why do they invest in a real estate transaction? Do they have a checklist of questions they ask the deal sponsor to get comfortable?
Hunter speaks about the 7 stages of being a passive investor. BEFORE you invest… You must complete due diligence on 1) the Sponsor 2) On-site manager 3) Loan Terms 4) Property Proforma & Historical Performance 5) Current Market & Submarket 6) Physical Due Diligence 7) Understanding the PPM and Operating Agreement. Passive Investors will invest in real estate opportunities when they KNOW, LIKE & TRUST the sponsor and the deal. Start asking questions. is where you will find Hunter Thompson’s new book.
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