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The Old Capital Podcast is aimed at Real Estate Investors - both new and experienced.
Hosts Michael Becker and Paul Peebles deliver no-hype education and expert perspectives.
You will gain valuable insights from interviews with actual real life investors who are active in acquiring and operating apartment complexes. You will discover how they are identifying, financing and operating apartment complexes, as well as helpful advice on how to get started and avoid common mistakes.

Sep 1, 2019

When you buy a single family house, AND AFTER THE LOAN CLOSES, your lender will not continuously ask for your updated paychecks, bank statements and annual income tax returns. apartment transactions…you lender is your single largest partner and needs continuous financial performance information on you and the asset either on a quarterly or annual basis. Updated operating statements, rent rolls, rehab construction updates, immediate health and safety concerns, updated personal financial statements, personal tax returns are some of the data points collected. Also, be prepared for an annual lender visit to your asset.