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The Old Capital Podcast is aimed at Real Estate Investors - both new and experienced.
Hosts Michael Becker and Paul Peebles deliver no-hype education and expert perspectives.
You will gain valuable insights from interviews with actual real life investors who are active in acquiring and operating apartment complexes. You will discover how they are identifying, financing and operating apartment complexes, as well as helpful advice on how to get started and avoid common mistakes.

Jun 10, 2017

Mark Patten & Mandy Thiebaud are CPA’s with McKinnon Patten & Associates in Dallas. Their firm provides comprehensive tax, accounting and advisory services to a full range of real estate professionals and entities. Mark & Mandy are experts in advising clients on why owning real estate is more than just a return on your investment. With multiple IRS tax implications, the CPA’s layout some structural ideas on how to put your transaction together. 
Mandy explains the different ways earned income and passive income are treated by the IRS.
She also handles the difference between on-going replacements & repairs versus a capital expense. Mark talks about cost segregation studies and how rapid depreciation could help your real estate investments. What is a 1031 exchange and how can investors benefit? Mark talks about the tax benefits that a like-kind exchange can bring investors. 

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